I was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico, on the Caribbean side of the Island. I come from a family of distinguished musicians, to include my Grandfather who was a master Luther. My musical journey started by observing my Uncle’s Orchestra, and playing and studying percussion instruments since the age of 5, to include drums, congas, bongos and timbales. My first live performance was at the age 7 with My Uncles Salsa Orchestra at the Fiestas Patronales de Guayama, Puerto Rico. In 1974 my Father moved us to Atlanta, GA where I continued to play drums and percussion instruments. In June 1979, I graduated High School in Atlanta from Sylvan Hills High School. In 1980 I joined the military and traveled to Europe, and returned back to Puerto Rico in 1983, where I started to study and play guitar and piano with local salsa bands. I left Puerto Rico in July 1985 and moved back to Atlanta, GA and started to study and learn jazz guitar and piano with musical instruction and mentors such as Bill Brannon, Felix Febles, Jazz Organist Joshua Seabrook, percussionist Skip Burney, and drummer Steve Ellington. I started to play regular jazz gigs with local jazz groups, attending jam sessions, studying, performing and collaborating with jazz musicians and groups in the Atlanta area. In July 1991, I organized, recorded South Side Trio, and performed in the 1992 Atlanta Jazz Festival at Grant Park. The Southside Trio was an organ, guitar and drum jazz trio, selected among many local groups to perform in the 1992 Atlanta Jazz Festival. We had the privilege and honor of performing on the same stage where Horace Silver, Carter Jefferson, and Freddie Hubbard performed. In 1995, I went back in the service and studied piano at the U.S. School of Music at Little Creek Naval Installation in Virginia Beach, VA. I continued the John Mehegan Piano Jazz studies program (1) Jazz Improvisation Tonal and Rhythmic Principles, (2) Jazz Rhythm and the Improvised Line, (3) Swing and Early Progressive Piano Styles, (4) Contemporary Jazz Piano Styles. I was later stationed in Kobe Barracks, Panama, where I performed for local dignitaries, and performed for the Southern Command’s activities for General Wesley Clark. In addition, I performed for Panama’s premier female jazz vocalist Ms. Barbara Wilson. I played with members of Panamanian National Band, and performed weekly at Las Bovedas Restaurant in the French Quarters of Panama City, Ciudad Panama. In 1997 I moved to San Antonio, Texas where I played with: Luis Shati Orchestra, El Combo Rican Orchestra, Orchestra Tropicana, and Orchestra Esencia Latina, backing the best salsa singers such as El Cano Estremera, Luisito Carrion, Albita, Paquito Guzman, and many others. In June 2001 I moved back to Puerto Rico where I performed with my Uncle’s Orchestra, “Orquesta La Grande”. In June 2004, I moved to New Orleans, LA where I played with Blues singer Jimmy Hicks, Ashe Son, Freddie Omar, and many other local jazz and Latin Jazz groups. Performed weekly at Tippitinas’s, Harrah's Casino New Orleans, and Café Brazil in the French Quarter. Performed in the 2006 French Quarter Festival with Asheson, at the 2007 New Orleans Jazz Festival with Ashe Son Cuban Group, and Freddie Omar’s Salsa Band. From June 2006 to June 2008, I moved to Baltimore, MD were I performed with local bands in Baltimore, and D.C., and performed piano at the Barrack Obama Mambo Inauguration "Mambo" party with Ted David and his Orquesta “La Leyenda” out of Washington, D.C. I recently performed at the 2015 French Quarter Festival with Fredy Omar Con Su Banda. I am currently living and working in Roswell, GA where I lead and direct Son Jazzy Orchestra and perform with other Jazz and Latin groups in the City of Atlanta, Georgia and Southeast United States. Son Jazzy has performed at several venues in the Atlanta Metro area to include Our Place Cafe & Bakery, Churchill Grounds, Loca Luna Restaurant, the Sweet Auburn Festivals, Johnny's Bistro and Pizza, and the Atlanta International Jazz Festival May 2012, New Orleans French Quarter Festival 2015, New Orleans Cervantes International Guitar Festival 2016, City of San Juan, Puerto Rico Adoquin Jazz nights, May 2016. I am also a United States Army Gulf and Iraq War Veteran. I served for over 25 years, and served in leadership positions for over 20 years. 
Nelson Ramos